Mortgage Appraisal Services


Do you need a quick fair market value for your mortgage client’s collateral? Do you worry unseen errors may manifest halfway through the mortgage process? Nobody likes the hassle of dealing with reassessment and rework because it can strain relations with clients. However, it becomes an inevitable reality if mortgage appraisal services are not carried out with prudence. How about hopping a few steps to field profits by having expert hands take over mortgage appraisal?

ScaleUpYourTeam is a leading provider of back-office services for mortgage appraisal. From analyzing creditworthiness to providing comprehensive reports we can help you evaluate the collateral with higher accuracy. Once you outsource mortgage appraisal support services to us, the rest of your team can focus on other areas of the mortgage business.

Mortgage Appraisal Support Services We offer

Be it residential, commercial, or specialized mortgage appraisal, we have domain-level experts who carry out desk and field review of the collateral to certify its true market value. Our mortgage appraisal support services will help lenders to speed up financing and maintain a better relationship with the loan seeker. At ScaleUpYourTeam we have experts who are aware of Doff-frank act, appraiser independent requirement, evaluation guidelines, as well as other compliances that are critical for error-free mortgage appraisal. The solutions we offer as part of mortgage appraisal support are as follows –

Compliance Review

We scan and securitize the report created by appraisers to flag inconsistencies. We consult multiple sources to establish the accuracy of the reported value. Our team will check if the appraisal is carried out as per the federal, state, and GSE guidelines. Also, we verify if the appraisal report is compliant with mortgage rules and regulations. If an inconsistency is noted in the appraisal report, our observation would be compiled and furnished to stakeholders for taking corrective measures

Appraiser Panel Review

Mortgage guidelines and policies are intricate and it becomes increasingly difficult to stay abreast of all policies. So we provide appraiser evaluation to check their awareness of mortgage landscape, possession of state license, and experience in appraisal projects. Our service will help you understand if the appraisal is adherent to the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Our investigative approach will give you a peace of mind as we leave no stone unturned to assure stress-free partnership.

Title Assessment

Lenders can face financial risks by processing unverified titles. To ensure a better end-to-end experience to lenders and their clients, we offer title assessment service. We review tax information, judgment report, title transfer records, and other details associated with the collateral. After the thorough assessment, we prepare a detailed commitment report that will declare the real-time status of the property.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

If you want up-to-date information on the average cost of properties sold in the proximity of collateral with similar attributes, you can avail CMA. When you avail of this service, we pull data such as the listed price, the duration for which the property has remained in the market, selling price, etc. With this information at fingertips, you can fast-track financing and save more time in a single sweep without overspending.

Benefits of Choosing Mortgage Appraisal Support Services from SUYT

Assistance for mortgage appraisal is a service which provides plenty of value-adds. Here is what you get when you outsource mortgage appraisal support services to us –

  • Quick turnaround time which is less than 48 hours (depending on project volume)
  • USPAP-compliant appraisal reports
  • Multi-level quality assurance checks
  • Flexible pricing
  • High-quality appraisal reports which comprehensively cover the title and appraiser merits
  • Slimmer risk of mortgage buy-back
  • High accuracy reports which are cost-effective

Mortgage Appraisal Support Process We Follow

Our mortgage appraisal support service process is simple, and well-structured workflow model. We abide by the terms of SLA which enables you to see faster and more accurate results. From inception to completion, your project will be handled as follows –

Requirement Analysis

We process your requirement by prudently analyzing needs and classifying the same based on priority. Once we establish project scope without ambiguity it lets us speed up deliverable

Mortgage Appraisal Review

We conduct desk review as well as field review which is classed under managed service model (MSM). Using skilled appraisers we review the title and appraiser

Report Creation

We create reports based on our observation and findings. It allows lenders to make the right decisions based on the insights compiled by our team

Project Delivery

We complete the project within specified deadline and handover the final reports to lenders and stakeholders in the mortgage business

Post-delivery Support

Whether you need compliance audit or quality control audit we provide complete documentation that lets you pull files pertaining to specific challenges

Why Choose Mortgage Appraisal Support Services from SUYT?

The real risk in mortgage appraisal is when lenders miscalculate the mortgage client’s collateral or creditworthiness. The consequence can be severe and often lead to financial loses. But this problem can ebb away by working with a qualified mortgage appraisal support services provider like us who is compliant with the regulatory standards. But there are more reasons why you should outsource mortgage appraisal to SUYT and they are as follows –


Ours is a company which is state-licensed to execute mortgage appraisal for lenders and financial institutions which offer mortgage services. We are adept at local, state, and federal laws that are critical for efficient appraisal

Data Security

Your data is valuable to us. To preserve its integrity and limit access to only qualified professionals we have several digital and physical deterrents in place

High Accuracy and Quality Service

Quality is the core focus of our services. We ensure zero-error in the appraisal carried out by us. With multi-level verification checks, you can be sure that the work is accurate and result oriented

Short Turnaround

We deliver promises with quick turnaround by reducing the time spent on report creation. Speed is of equal importance to quality and we use appraisal software to quicken the project pace


The appraisal we carry out is strongly focused on future requirements as well. This way, you can take the decision to scale up if required

Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

Our cost-effective pricing is budget-friendly and suitable for a wide range of mortgage companies and lenders. If you are on a limited budget, fret not! We have the solution you need

Single-point Contact

It’s a hassle to face new representatives on every occasion when you have concerns to be addressed. So our single-point contact will not just save time but also provides better satisfaction because you will get assistance from people who are closely involved with the project from the initial phase

Mortgage Appraisal Services Software

To speed up mortgage financing and cut the risks associated with errors we use mortgage appraisal software which allows us to improve the quality of service and bring you greater satisfaction/p>

Experienced Team of Mortgage Analysts, and Appraisal Experts

Our mortgage appraisal team consists of 100+ residential real property appraisers and general real property appraiser certified by the appraiser qualifications board (AQB). Our team is aware of the latest appraisal practices and will you the confidence to trust our reports

Modern Infrastructure

We are housed with the latest project resources which are tightly access controlled. The project delivery speed can be increased by 45% by leveraging our infrastructure

Secure Data Exchange

To prevent data from falling into wrong hands, we have established a secure VPN that lets you send project files without worry

Round the Clock Availability

Your timezone isn’t a concern to us because we work 24/7 for providing personalized interaction anytime, anywhere