To empower companies, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), around the globe with a better alternative to traditional outsourcing by providing them their own dedicated employees and Office in the Cloud. Our motto is, “Same Quality but at Significantly Lower Costs”


To be a one-stop destination for cloud-based services, offering innovative, cost-effective but high-quality business offshoring solutions for both, small and large companies around the world, by providing highly skilled ScaleUpYourTeam in every domain and field.


Our employees are drawn from all over India, which boasts one of the largest technical talent pools in the world. These professionals hail from fields ranging from software development, engineering, architecture, website development, graphics designing to SEO, content, legal and medical services, animation and much more. A client can hire as few as one remote employee or build an entire ScaleUpYourTeam of as many employees as they want.


A Boon for SMEs

ScaleUpYourTeam addresses a long-felt vacuum in the SME segment for whom offshore outsourcing was a distant dream. We have turned that dream into a reality by enabling SMEs to open their ‘branch office’ with us, with our premises acting as an extension of their own office.