Data Processing Case Study for Food Manufacturer

20Sep, 2019

ScaleUpYourTeam’s data processing services helped an food manufacturer in the NJ, USA complete its contest by entering 10,000 records per day on the client’s portal with 99.0% accuracy. A leading food manufacturer in NJ, USA needed a partner to help with data processing related to a contest they were running. They approached ScaleUpYourTeam to handle a large-scale process in a short period.

The Client

The client is a leading food manufacturer in NJ, USA and their products include ice cream, tomato ketch-up, and snacks and drinks. They approached ScaleUpYourTeam to assist with –

  • Entering barcode numbers and digits uploaded by consumers as part of an ongoing contest into a CRM portal
  • Enter large volumes of this data accurately and cost effectively in a short period
  • Complete the project in line with the end of the campaign in 40 days

Project Challenges

The primary challenge in the completion of this project was the volume of data provided by the client for entry into their CRM portal. The client requested that the ScaleUpYourTeam team enter 10,000 barcodes into the portal per day, all of them manually and completely accurately within the timeframe outlined as part of the contest.

The Solution

To ensure the accurate and timely completion of the project, the ScaleUpYourTeam team completed the following –

  • The team discussed the project details in detail with the client to ensure a full understanding of what was needed
  • Login details for the client’s CRM portal were provided to start the project
  • Five full-time employees were assigned to work exclusively on this project
  • The data entry professionals at ScaleUpYourTeam logged directly into the client’s portal to enter the barcodes       manually
  • After completion of upload steps, quality control team reviewed everything for accuracy
  • The data was then saved to the client’s portal so they had access for determining a contest winner

The Results

As a result of the approach taken by ScaleUpYourTeam’s team, the project was completed successfully in 35 days, enabling the client to close their campaign on time. The in-house costs for the client were reduced by nearly 50% as a result and the SYUT team was able to achieve an accuracy level of 99.0%, well exceeding the client’s expected quality benchmark.

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