ePub Services

ePub Services

Scale Up Your Team (SUYT) offers professional eBook conversion services to publishers, universities, corporations, and authors worldwide. At SUYT, we convert files such as PDF, InDesign, MS Word etc., into digital formats perfect for any popular electronic device. If you are looking to create eBooks for Nook, iPhone, iPad and ePUB, or PC-based readers like Adobe Digital Editions, Mobipocket (.prc) and Kindle (.mobi), we can assist you.

Our services include both front-to-back formatting and conversion services for eBooks used on tablets, iPads, Kindle Fires, Mobipocket Readers and smartphones (Windows-based, BlackBerrys, Android, Symbian etc.). We offer different types of eBook formats to suit different types of e-readers with varying screen sizes. From ePUB conversions to converting your manuscript into a format supported by popular e-readers like Kindle or Nook we can aid you.

ScaleUpYourTeam Professional eBook Conversion Services

ScaleUpYourTeam believes in understanding customers’ exact needs and developing a customized solution that best suits their diverse business needs. We cater to the accounting needs of global clients by offering a comprehensive range of services, which includes –

  • Tagging and linking Table of Contents
  • Proofing of images/ illustrations to ensure they’re resized properly and placed appropriately
  • Cleaning-up page numbers and page headers
  • Re-pagination
  • PDF conversion services

Our eBook Conversion Services Process Flow

If your organization requires a perfectly-crafted eBook,our data entry professionals are your best choice. We follow an ISO process that in includes –

01. Scope of Work

Business Development Manager receives a briefing from the client on the project required.

02. Input

Client transfers input files to us, via Dropbox or FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

03. eBook Conversion

Data management professionals perform eBook conversion using the latest conversion software.

04. Final Output

Final output sent to the client in the preferred format (.prc, .mobi etc.), via FTP or Dropbox.

Benefits of ScaleUpYourTeam eBook Conversion Services to Us

We ensure compliance with web guidelines, data security and copyright protection. When you opt for our ebook conversion services, you get a host of benefits including –
1.Accuracy – When you trust your project to our eBook conversion service team, you are guaranteed a well-constructed, functional and error-free eBook.
2.Hike Readership – eBooks and e-readers are getting increasingly popular. With our eBook conversion services, you can capitalize on this and reach out to more online readers.
3.Professional Team – Our eBook conversion team consists of skilled coders and who have undertaken eBook projects of all sizes.
4.Quick Delivery – You can rely on us to expertly manage your eBook from start to finish, and deliver high-quality results on deadline.

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