ScaleUpYourTeam FAQs

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ScaleUpYourTeam is a leading outsourcing company, headquartered in Philadelphia ,USA with branch offices in Pune, India. Since 2006, it has been helping Small and Medium Businesses in USA to Scale Up by providing technology enabled ,high quality, reasonable cost services in specific domains. The domains range from Finance and Accounting , Mortgage Processing , Data Processing , Digital Marketing , Market Research etc. Every client gets to work with their assigned team who works exclusively and dedicatedly for them from our well-equipped and supervised offices in Philly and/or Pune India.

You can refer our service page for more details.

No, we are not like other freelancing websites. We take the delivery responsibility of work and our assign dedicated teams who work exclusively for you from our professional, well-equipped and supervised offices. Your assigned team does NOT work from home.


ScaleUpYourTeam as the name suggests helps you quickly grow your team. You will be dedicatedly assigned skilled and expert resources to carry out your day to day back-office work or on your big projects. These resources are as good as your own team members working remotely at lower cost from our offices in India.

  • Our dedicated skilled team members provides you services in the required domain areas
  • We take care of your back-office work so that you can focus on your core
  • We help you to ScaleUp your or down your team at moment’s notice
  • You don’t need to worry about hiring , firing , attrition , payroll costs , infrastructure issues etc

We will do assessment of your business needs and requirements. We suggest best practices and provide roadmap and solution . We assigned skilled team to work on it. The team will dedicatedly work on your business needs.


We have multiple services offerings in various domains.

Please visit our Services page to know more.

All our team members speak very fluent English which can be understood easily. We do soft skills training for all our employees on a regular basis.


Absolutely , you are welcome to do that to check quality of the team members.

We offer FREE, NO-OBLIGATION one week trial for one team member.


You simply need to give 15 days’ notice to terminate our services.


We have state of the art infrastructure to handle small as well as large teams working for clients.

Because of our focused approach on serving very specific domains ,we can quickly scale up as per your requirements

  • Our office is maintained to international standards and we provide the latest hardware and software to every employee.
  • We use ZOOM meetings for Live Video meetings and Goto Assist for resolving any support related questions.


  • We will have timesheet sent to you every week with work details for approval.
  • Once approved we will submit bi-weekly invoice with Net 15 payment term. We can customize it if this does not work for you.


We will sign NDA , Non-compete , data security contracts. We being USA based company , these contracts are strictly enforceable.


  • Our team members have USA numbers assigned to each one of them. They are also equipped with ZOOM video meetings , Skype etc.
  • Our team can also follow your choice of communication.

Yes , you are absolutely welcome to come and visit our India office and work with your team.

Yes , we can make arrangements for such service at extra actual travel cost.

We will work as per your preference either in US timezone or overlap between US and India timings.


  • We have implemented various technology measures to secure your data.
  • We can discuss this during our assessment phase.
  • We can also implement custom data security measures as per your needs.