Here’s Why You Should Outsource Your Data Entry Services To India

outsource data entry service in india
01Oct, 2019

Processing data and then digitalizing it has become an important aspect of any business. No matter what business or trade you are into, there is always a need to store the data in the form of digitalized documents, records, or databases. The job of a data entry expert requires speed and accuracy. Thus, there is a demand for skilled individuals to perform data entry work. But, considering the costs involved in hiring and training the individuals, companies prefer to hire third party workers who are not a part of the organization but simply perform the work of data entry experts for the company or employer.

Different firms across the globe outsource their data entry work to Indian employers. Let’s have a look at how outsourcing your data entry work to Indian employers can prove to be profitable and beneficial for your business.

#1. Cost and affordability

The chief reason for outsourcing data entry services to India is the availability of affordable and cheap labour. In the international market, the value of Indian rupees is less in comparison to the European, the U.S.A., and the Australian currencies.

Thus, the presence of skilled labour and cheaper hiring costs has made India a lucrative option for data-entry services. To acquire skilled labour for the organizations, it is required to hire people and then train them. This would involve building an organizational building and allocating funds. Thus, outsourcing one’s data entry business to third parties is a viable option.

#2. The scale of hire

For tasks like data entry, the margins for error are very low. Based on the scale of work, the cost of hiring is also affected. For example, if there is a continuous supply of data entry work, then hiring a permanent employee for the work becomes essential.

But if the data-entry work of an organization keeps fluctuating, then hiring a permanent staff would drain the company of its funds. To prevent this, outsourcing the data entry work to resources in India can be of great value in minimizing cost.

#3. Government policies for labours

In the early 1990s, the Government of India had adopted an open market policy which was in proposition with the International trade norms, thus opening more opportunities for the IT sector.

Moreover, in 2002 the government of India gave an invitation to NASSCOM for making
recommendations for the growth of the IT industry in India. This not only helped in easing the IT-based tax norms but also saw an increase of 3.1% in the purchase of IT-based services and products. Unlike countries like China where despite the availability of cheap labour, the government laws and norms have not enabled the IT industry to flourish, and the Indian norms pave the way for outsourcing data entry work.

#4. Work and process management

The process of data entry requires the staff to be diligent and cautious of the security of data. Moreover, the person doing data entry must be well-versed in the process of data entry and management.

For the past few decades, India has been a huge source of IT service providers. Thus, the employees here specialize in all types of IT services, including data entry and are well aware of the work and processes involved. Therefore, hiring Indian employees for the job of data-entry would not require supplying any special training or counselling to the employee on how to work. This saves the time and money of the employer or organization.

#5. Time-zone benefits

It is highly unlikely that a country’s time zone can contribute to providing employment-based benefits. But it is true. If you are outsourcing your data entry services to India, then it can be like having your office available 24/7.

For example, if you are an employee or manager working in the European countries or the American sub-continent, then the difference in the time zone can be of great help. You can assign the task to the employee at the end of the day and obtain finished work before the beginning of another day.

The difference of time zone of -5:30 (GMT) through to -12:30 (PDT) can help companies achieve lot more work than what is completed in a normal working day by local employees.

#6. Data entry service providers

The Indian IT market is full of service providers who offer data entry services at affordable costs. These include individuals as well as registered company-groups that offer data entry services.

The individuals often resort to freelancing sites to obtain new work, whereas the data entry service provider company-groups utilize their organization’s name to obtain huge data-entry contracts. All-in-all there is the surplus amount of resources available in the Indian market.

How to choose a data entry expert

Doing the data entry work can be a tedious task, but selecting the right data entry expert can be an even more challenging and tedious task as all employers advertise nothing but the best about themselves.

If you are searching for data entry service providers online, then a few things that you must keep in mind before outsourcing data entry work to Indian employees or employees of any other country are –

Focus on choosing such employees who have a history of delivering successful data entry projects. You can refer to the reviews provided by past employers who have worked with the service provider.

Select those employees who will ensure the safety and security of your data. If you find any complaints or negative reviews about the employee, then avoid working with them.

Make sure the employees you are hiring possess the skills required to complete the tasks you will be providing.

Before hiring, be clear about the amount you plan to pay upon completion of your work. Discuss payments and other costs beforehand.

Outsourcing of work to the Indian peninsula has been happening long before India became an open market economy. With the coming of open market trade policy, the IT market, especially in the field of data entry, has greatly flourished. The availability of cheap labour, presence of suitable government policies, availability of trained individuals, the difference in the time zones of the employer and the employee, etc. are some of the factors that contribute in attracting companies, organizations, and foundations to outsource their tedious data entry work to Indian employers.

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