Hire Blackberry App Developer

Hire Blackberry Apps Developers

Outsource for Custom Blackberry Applications Development

Hire your very own dedicated Blackberry application developers from ScaleUpYourTeam with expertise in Blackberry MDS and Blackberry J2ME development.

These professionals use RIM Blackberry JDE and related development tools. The dedicated Blackberry applications developers hired from us have ample experience in creating various Blackberry solutions from simple enterprise applications to complex platform programming as well as porting applications to Blackberry.

Our Blackberry application developers can devise a variety of applications that include Blackberry E-commerce solutions, VoIP GPS applications bar coding applications, multimedia and entertainment applications development.

  • Our unique recruitment model helps you hire Blackberry application developers that are at par with the best in the world. We find and send you the most suitable profiles from       the vast Indian talent pool. In turn you filter the profiles according to your individual requirements and then interview the candidates personally through videoconferencing.
  • Depending on your requirements, you can either go for a single dedicated Blackberry application developer or an entire team.

Technologies you can hire

  • Android DeveloperLanguages: Java, Android SDK
    IDE – Google Studio
  • iOS DeveloperLanguages: Objective-C, iOS SDK
    IDE– Xocde
  • Windows DeveloperLanguages:.net, c#
    IDE– Windows Mobile 7 & 8
  • Symbian DeveloperLanguages: J2ME
  • Mobile Games DeveloperLanguages: Unity 3D, Core Animation, iOS/Android SDK
    IDE– Google studio/Xcode/Eclipse
  • Blackberry Developer – J2ME
  • Databases – MySQL, CoreData

Get customized Mobile Apps Development solutions by hiring your own dedicated apps developers from us

How Does It Work?

Send us your BlackBerry requirement NOW!

We send you resumes of screened, shortlisted candidates

Test and/ or interview shortlisted candidates

If you like any one, you can hire them straightaway

Blackberry Application Development Engineering Q & A

  1. You get to handpick the Blackberry apps developer that suits you the most
  2. we take care of all logistics and office work and you get to focus only on work
  3. We act as your own local representative to manage your offshore staff
  4. Your employee is provided with the latest hardware and software
  5. We give you access to state-of-the-art communication devices like video conference, PC sharing etc.
  1. You get access to the abundant Indian talent pool
  2. Your dedicated Blackberry developers work exclusively for you
  3. You can manage and supervise your dedicated employees in your own way
  4. No investment on infrastructure, hardware or software
  5. Quick resolution of any IT issues
  6. You enjoy unmatched data security

There are a number of factors that decide the cost of hiring a dedicated Blackberry Application developer. Before giving you the cost we have a detailed discussion with you regarding the kind of application you are looking to develop. The experience of a dedicated Blackberry Application developer that you hire from us varies from 1 to 4 years. The monthly cost of hiring such a resource ranges from US $1495 to $2495.

We are a remote staffing company and cater to clients from across the world. Our business model is so flexible and scalable that both large and small companies can get customized mobile application development solutions by hiring dedicated application developers with us. Our client base is spread across 23 countries of the world and is expanding. A majority of our clientele comes from the US, the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.

We understand that in Blackberry Application development, security of intellectual property is of paramount importance. To ensure the security of your critical data and intellectual property, the dedicated Blackberry Application developers can work directly in a cloud environment, if the client has any. If you want, you can also store your critical data in your own onshore server. You simply have to share the credentials of your server with us and in turn your dedicated developer would access the data only from there.