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India has been a favorite destination for financial analysis services. Surprisingly, more than 50 percent of India’s BPO revenues come from the BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) segment. The rationale for sending financial analysis jobs to India is quality solutions at a reasonable cost.
Looking for remote financial analysts? Hire from our pool of highly qualified financial analysts who provide customised, cost-effective solutions with quick turnaround time. Contact us for access to top-quality financial analysis today!

ScaleUpYourTeam is one of the top outsourcing financial analyst companies in India. Outsource today and get the best financial research services and customized solutions.

  • Based on the expertise and experience of our dedicated financial analysts, you can hire these resources for anything between US $1295 – $2195.
  • ScaleUPYourTeam gives you access to an abundant talent pool of English-speaking Indian financial experts. You can hire customized financial analysts as we provide you with       profiles that meet your requirements. You further screen these profiles and then interview the most suitable candidates.
  • Depending on your requirements, you get the flexibility of hiring one or several financial analysts from India.

Best Financial Analysis solutions offered by our Dedicated Financial Analysts

ScaleUpYourTeam dedicated remote Financial Analysts provide an array of end-to-end financial analysis services:

  • Our professionals prepare corporate financial statements.
  • These financial analysts carry out financial analysis and research.
  • They create and maintain databases and libraries.
  • Our experts analyze portfolio structures, prospectus, and financial
  • They do break-even analysis, financial ratio analysis, net present value (NPV)
          and internal rate of return (IRR) analysis.
  • They also prepare ad-hoc reports.

Attributes of our Financial Analysts

ScaleUpYourTeam dedicated financial analysts are skilled and experienced professionals with the following demonstrable attributes:

  • Strong command over the English language
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team players
  • Possess a degree from a reputed university
  • Have knowledge of HP financial system

Advantages of hiring professionals for Financial Analysis

Looking for the best financial research services in India? Hire a team of dedicated financial analysts who exhibit excellent analytical skills and provide customized solutions. Choose from a vast pool of highly talented, English speaking experts who analyze portfolio structures, prospectus, and financial statements. From break-even analysis, financial ratio analysis, and net present value (NPV) to internal rate of return (IRR) analysis, our analysts are adept in every aspect of financial analysis.

Here are some key advantages of building a team of ScaleUpYourTeam Financial Analysts:

  • With access to correct interpretation of data provided by financial analysts, you will be able to quickly take a decision in regard to your business transactions.
  • Access to modern technologies will enable you to use data regularly and boost service levels in your firm.
  • You would be able to get a competitive edge in the market by having better service and quality at a substantially reduced cost.

4 Simple Steps to Hire Financial Analysts

Send us your Financial requirement NOW!

We send you resumes of screened, shortlisted candidates

Test and/ or interview shortlisted candidates

If you like any one, you can hire them straightaway

Our responsibility doesn’t end by sending you a bunch of resumes. We are committed to finding the most suitable resource for
you and go on searching till we (you) find the right one!

Financial Analysis Q & A

  1. Your financial analyst is always accessible whenever you wish to contact them
  2. Take regular updates on the progress of the project
  3. Give guidelines to your dedicated financial resource
  4. Motivate your remote financial analysts to get the desired results
  5. Be involved in the financial analysis process from start to end
  1. Your own office in India without having to spend on infrastructure
  2. Easy access to English-speaking professionals
  3. A reliable partner that finds and helps you hire the right resources
  4. Ability to interview your resources personally through video conference
  5. Freedom from HR responsibilities as we take care of them
  6. Access to the latest hardware and software
  7. Quick resolution of any IT issues as our IT team is there for you