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Hire Finance Managers from India

Simplify Your Finances with Remote Financial Managers

Hire remote, dedicated Financial Managers with us. Our professionals help you enhance the performance of your company. These dedicated employees are well-versed with both managerial accounting as well as corporate finance.

The remote Financial Managers interpret financial reports including income statements, profits and loss, cash flow statements and balance sheet statements. With their expertise in financial management, these resources can improve the allocation of working capital within your business operations.

Our Financial Managers review the financial health of your company or business unit using ratio analyses, such as the gearing ratio, profit per employee and weighted cost of capital.

  • The cost of hiring a dedicated Financial Manager varies from US $1295 – $2195, depending on their expertise and the years of experience.
  • Handpick your Financial Manager(s) through our client-focussed recruitment process which puts you within easy hiring reach of well-researched profiles from the English-speaking       talent pool of India.
  • You get the flexibility of choosing the number of Financial Managers working for you, from a single employee to an entire team.

How Does It Work?

Send us your Financial Management requirement NOW!

We send you resumes of screened, shortlisted candidates

Test and/ or interview shortlisted candidates

If you like any one, you can hire them straightaway

Our responsibility doesn’t end by sending you a bunch of resumes. We are committed to finding the most suitable resource for
you and go on searching till we (you) find the right one!

Financial Management Q & A

  1. Just give us your requirements and we find the most suitable candidates
  2. You personally interview the shortlisted candidates through video conference
  3. After selection, your dedicated Financial Manager works from our office
  4. We act as your local representative to supervise your dedicated resource
  5. We give you the latest communication devices to collaborate with your resources
  6. Our IT team fixes any IT issue of your dedicated Financial Manager
  7. We take care of all the employee benefits of your dedicated resource
  1. Your ready made offshore office in India
  2. Access to world class, English-speaking human resource
  3. Our support and assistance at every step, be it hiring or employee management
  4. Cost saving, because the Indian Rupee is cheaper than your currency
  5. Minimum turn around time (TAT) due to India’s strategic location
  6. Better communication, as all your resources work under the same roof
  7. Data security, as we apply the latest data security tools in our office