The Most Influential iPhone App Development Trends in 2019

iPhone App Development Trends 2019
28Jun, 2019

Apple always brings something innovative and exciting features for its users with iOS devices. Most of the time, with distinct features, the company stays in the limelight. In fact, the number of iPhone users is increasing the geographic area including North America and Europe. If your user base lies in the geographic location, your business should have iOS mobile application to target the potential customers.  

Are you looking for iOS development trends in 2019?

You are in the right spot! This article is a comprehensive guide that will inform you about the latest trends for iOS application development services. Have a look at the most prominent iOS trends that will help you to build the most useful iOS mobile application.

#1. Advanced Siri

With the advents newer iOS version, Apple’s assistant Siri becomes more advanced. Siri is the AI-based assistant, which is way more intelligent than Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. Apple has induced Sirikit to expedite iOS app developers to combine the Siri advancements. The iPhone app developers can develop astonishing apps with the Siri-based features by adopting the Sirikit and Shortcut. Tus, Siri will endure a pivotal feature for AI-based business iOS application.

#2. Machine Learning 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are a crucial component of iOS application development. By using Core ML, the Neural Engine, and the powerful A-series chips, it will be possible to build real-time, personalized experience with iOS applications. Plus, with the ready-to-use Core ML models and Xcode projects, the developers will be able to build intelligence into the applications. 

Core Machine Learning was presented with technologies like natural language processing and AI game development. It is expected that Core ML 2 will facilitate the development of high-performing, responsive, feature-rich, interactive, and engaging iPhone and iPad apps. Additionally, the latest advancement will enable iPhone app developers to decrease up to 75 percent of equipped machine learning models’ size.

#3. AR/VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology is trending these days, so as Apple is executing this trending technology in iOS. With ARKit3, Apple is introducing a new level of augmented reality framework to deliver the most enjoyable user experience to the iPhone users. Further, the AR technology will be smart enough to tracks human movement, and there will be much more for the users. 

ARKit 3 is produced to allow the users to create an AR-based art that can be seen by others at the same place anytime. Also, SceneKit is incredibly useful for designing 3D graphics. It is obvious that the AR/VR technology will be integrated in an impactable way to personalized the experience of the ios mobile application. 

#4. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is one of the most endeavored after technology trends for businesses. Many enterprises aspire to integrate IoT in their existing system and leverage the advantages of automation and convenience and attract more customers. Apple has introduced the HomeKit ecosystem for the developers so that they can build the apps that are promptly connected with any IoT devices.

Since HomeKit is intended to facilitate the home automation concept, it is beneficial for handling the IoT devices for small-scale workplaces as well. Progressively, the IoT advancements will be combined into the enterprise-grade iPhone application development solution. Hence, when you planning to develop an iOS mobile application, watch out for these trends, as it may bring enormous benefits to your business. 

#5. Intensified Security

For iOS App Development teams, the latest iOS trends in the year 2019 and ahead will demonstrate the period of lessening nuisances for adding more security add-ons for an application.

Apple always has offered the highest security for its app to protect the users’ data. Lately, the authentication assistance framework has been allotted to unite password apps with the auto fill choice. Besides, Apple has utilized ASWebAuthenticationSession to consolidate cache and cookie data between an app and browser so that users can savor the only sign-in experience. 

Moreover, each brand-new version of iOS approaches privacy and security-related issues. The platform always prioritizes authentication and encryption features to accommodate more security to potential users. Thus the iOS developers will implement the latest security features and focus on offering intensified security for all the users.

#6. Modernized Swift 5

Apple Inc. has recently launched Swift 5, which is a major milestone in a programing language. The coding language offers scalability, effortlessness, flexibility, security, and many more attributes to develop a robust iOS mobile application. Moreover, the updates include stable ABI with binary compatibility so that now it’s possible to develop more efficient apps. Besides, the modernized Swift 5 is compatible with Swift 4, Swift 4.1 and Swift 4.2.

#7. Apple Pay

Apply Pay is becoming the first choice of universal mode for online payment for Apple users. According to a study, there are more than 250 million users are taking advantage of Apple Pay. As it offers universal payment options, the users are using it for various purposes including online payments, services, etc. 

Apart from the above-mentioned trends, there are other aspects of iOS development that need to be considered such as apple home kit. So, when it is applicable, implement the trends to your app as per the requirements. Hence, if you are developing a mobile application 2019, you should watch out for the above-listed blog, which will guide you to get a high-quality application. Also, it will have the potential to attract and engage more users.

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