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The biggest challenges of a real estate professional and property owner are streamlining property management back office services. The drudgery of maintenance, support, legalities, publicity, payment and collections requires time, effort and manpower which can be used effectively elsewhere. This calls for a strategic outsourcing partner who performs these real estate and property management tasks.

ScaleUpYourTeam can efficiently manage property of tenants and stakeholder alike. Be it property maintenance and general upkeep or publicity for property, SUYT has a team to work for you. SUYT can work right from handling legal issues to managing vendors. With over a decade of experience in handling comprehensive back office data management services, our property experts can take complete care of property maintenance and ensure continuing a relationship of trust.

Services We Offer

Managing property requires full-time involvement and in-depth understanding of various facets related to property management. ScaleUpYourTeam in-house team consists of property management experts, property contract managers, administrators, and support staff with experience in handling property management back office services. Be it commercial or residential, SUYT can lighten property management tasks and some of the services we offer include –

  1. Property Management Publicity Services

    • Publishing advertisements about property in leading newspapers and websites
  2. Property Management Support Services

    • Interacting with property owners, prospective buyers and tenants, present tenants and stakeholders, coordinating with all of them for smooth functioning
    • Performing activities related to background verification of prospective tenants and buyers, as required
    • Checking properties of clients on a regular basis to check for anything that needs to be addressed immediately
    • Addressing all complaints and queries raised by tenants through email, call or live chat
  3. Property Management Maintenance Services

    • Undertaking complete maintenance of commercial and residential properties as well as studio apartments. Adherence to preventive maintenance lists and ensuring local vendors service and requirements for upkeep are maintained.
    • Addressing all complaints made by the tenants and liaison with plumbers, electricians and other onsite staff to address complaints
    • Attending to repair works and upkeep of property ensuring it is managed in near-real-time
    • Contacting relevant vendors to perform maintenance work
    • Inspecting ongoing maintenance work and organizing regular maintenance audits
    • Providing reports containing all the updates of repair work done and pending
  4. Property Management Payment & Collection Services

    • Collecting rent on your behalf and ensuring deposit and documentation is in place
    • Managing payroll for all employees involved in property management and property maintenance
  5. Property Management Legal Services

    • Rental Documentation: Managing all documentation requirements that are needed for legal and statutory processes
    • Customer satisfaction survey: Ensuring stakeholders are satisfied with services that are delivered as per the mutually agreed SLAs
    • Legal Action Support: Enabling legal evictions, if needed and other relevant legal tasks related to property and stakeholders

Property Management Process

Define Project Scope

Outline the scope and details of property management

Create Effort, Pricing, & SLA

Indicate timelines, resources, pricing structure, & communication stream

Engage Property Manager & Team

Choose Property manager and team of resources for property management

Training and Process

Initiate training and setting up of quality process and escalation schedules

Initiate Property Management

Undertake property management based on schedules

Regular Updates

Regular updates through defined communication

Benefits of Outsourcing Property Management to SUYT

When you outsource property management services to an expert outsourcing provider like ScaleUpYourTeam, you can –

  • Expertise in Serving Global Clientele: ScaleUpYourTeam is an ISO certified company with expertise in serving global clientele that delivers high-quality property management services to international customers. Familiarity with local laws in the US and UK markets and prior exposure to tenant behavior makes project fulfillment quicker and easier
  • Elaborate Communication Channels: ScaleUpYourTeam keeps complete transparency in all activities and our in-house team maintains organized communication channels with customers, tenants, vendors and stakeholders in the language they are comfortable
  • 24/6 Redressal Services: ScaleUpYourTeam has a complaint redressal window available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Staffed to provide full-time support to your property from our delivery center in Bangalore, SUYT provides exceptional property management back office services to tenants and ensures complaints are addressed immediately
  • Property Manager with Dedicated Team: ScaleUpYourTeam has a dedicated property manager for all property related issues. The property manager is the go-to person for all property-related requirements whether a tenant or owner
  • Multitasking Across Multiple Divisions: ScaleUpYourTeam helps maintain payroll accounting and reporting, reducing costs related to labor and property, and takes care of all the legal aspects like preparing or renewing rental agreements and issuing receipts to vendors
  • Professional and Timely Services: Outsourcing property management requirements to SUYT means professional, timely services along with meticulous upkeep and maintenance of property, without the need to invest in technology, staff and other resources

Choose ScaleUpYourTeam for Total Property Management Back Office Services

ScaleUpYourTeam guarantees effective and efficient back office services, making property management easy in the areas of maintenance, support, legal and finance. Read one of our client success stories to know how we are helping a prominent US based property dealer manage over 110 properties effectively.

Contact us to get a detailed insight into high-quality and hassle-free property management services from our team, and learn how we can help you meet your business requirements.

Contact us to get a detailed insight into high-quality and hassle-free property management services from our team