Why Hire ScaleUpYourTeam For IT Outsourcing Services?

Why Hire ScaleUpYourTeam For IT Outsourcing Services
23May, 2019

There are obvious benefits to outsourcing IT services in terms of speed of service, cost, speed and expertise. It becomes even better when you pick the right IT company to outsource to such as ScaleUpYourTeam to provide IT outsourcing services that match all your requirements without compromises.

The total assessment of what you need to achieve your goal

It does take time and plenty of back and forth discussions to arrive at a complete assessment of what you need to achieve your goal and the best way to go about it. Even before costs are discussed ScaleUpYourTeam discusses in detail and makes recommendations on the best way forward. A thorough assessment paves the way for the next step.

Process roadmap

Development takes place on an agile basis and that possibly means iterative changes as we go along. ScaleUpYourTeam designs a goal-oriented roadmap. The detailed roadmap includes dates and timeline, defines the product, the goal to be achieved, features forming part of the solution and metrics. Included are variables and options as well as agile testing. Also forming part of the roadmap are present targets and possible future paths. The team clearly delineates how it will work and collaboration process. Clients get a clear idea of what to expect. Once this is agreed on the next task is the selection of a suitable team.


Clients have flexible options. They may choose to have dedicated developers or programmers exclusively working on their project and collaborating with their team. They may choose to simply assign development to ScaleUpYourTeam and be informed of progress at each stage. ScaleUpYourTeam then makes a decision to use its own in-house talent or hire from a pool of top-notch professionals picked for their expertise in the project.

All segments of IT outsourcing

ScaleUpYourTeam, your most reliable IT outsourcing company takes on projects in any IT sphere.

  • Programming: Clients may opt for development based on PHP, .NET, C++, Java, Python and Action Script.
  • Web: Dedicated or team-based website development using PHP, ZEND frameworks, HTML, Asp.Net, Ajax, J2EE or ASP programming for front end and backend fully integrated cutting edge modern websites.
  • CMS: Custom open source CMS development based on Magento, Drupal, WordPress, DotNetNuke, Typo3 and Expression Engine development with seamless integration into other apps and websites.
  • Custom software: Dedicated or team-based development based on Python, VB.NET, Java and Flex to handle everything including architecture, component integration, client/server programming and GUIs. Rigorous testing, agile development and use of latest technology for streamlined, zero defect apps for desktops, web and mobiles. Whether it is Python, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Angular JS or C or Java/J2EE or Android/iOS platforms, clients can expect excellence in software for virtually any application like ERP, Hotel, travel, business, accounting and healthcare, to name only a few.
  • Software testing using automated test benches, black box testing and white box testing to rigorous international standards. Complete systems and solutions are in place to test applications pertaining to web, cloud, e-commerce, mobile apps and software. Range of tests includes a functional test to validate software, acceptance testing, performance testing, load testing, compatibility test, accessibility test, security and usability tests. Find out even the tiniest of flaws and use our recommendations to iron out discrepancies. Your reputation improves as does the quality of your product with our outsourced test services.
  • Database administration on an outsourced basis to handle the development of DBMS, data mining, network databases and relational databases as may be needed.
  • E-commerce solutions complete with website, inventory, CRM, orders and shipment tracking and SSL secured gateways based on Magento or any platform of choice.

ScaleUpYourTeam assigns hand-picked dedicated developers or manages team-based development from its own managed office assuring speed, reliability, total support and security as well as confidentiality.

Hiring ScaleUpYourTeam, the top IT outsourcing services provider, means you incur low costs and have flexible options of a virtual in-house team fully managed by us.

Speedy collaborative implementation

The groundwork done, it is time to get down to work and the team or dedicated developer gets working, adhering to a strict timeline while delivering flawless results. Since development almost always follows the agile model bugs are fixed as we go along and the product is ready for market on or before scheduled dates. Clients remain updated through video conferencing and their inputs go into the development. ScaleUpYourTeam has the complete infrastructure with the latest systems, software and tools to aid in the development process. Then there is a software testing unit that tests software across a spectrum of parameters to ensure flawless performance.

Only experienced, capable and experts make the grade

It is easy for any IT outsourcing company to hire freshers at a low rate and make high profits. ScaleUpYourTeam does not count the cost. It picks only experienced, capable and knowledgeable experts who know their job. Only the above average makes the cut. They go beyond the call of duty to introduce innovations and cutting edge technologies that result in leaner, meaner, faster and future-ready solutions.

No risks

Clients may be chary about outsourcing critical IT development and understandably so. In the case of ScaleUpYourTeam, there are no risks. Highest level of confidentiality and security are part of the IT outsourced service package. Clients receive a free trial and they can interview teams who will be working for them to satisfy themselves on all points. This is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. Clients retain full ownership of code and the project. Total backup and support form part of the service, even once a project is delivered and way past the product lifecycle. Clients are never left high and dry.

When you pick ScaleUpYourTeam you get the same high-level global standards in software development services but you get it done faster and at a fraction of the price with a lot of trusts as well as ethical practices.

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