Why Should Your Business Invest In Software Testing?

Why Should Your Business Invest In Software Testing
29May, 2019

Software, even when developed by professionals with years of experience and acknowledged expertise, is likely to have errors. Testing is crucial to discover redundancies in code, inconsistencies and errors that will certainly affect performance. Software development companies may not have the requisite infrastructure, teams or software for testing of all parameters and this is why hiring an independent software testing company is a very good idea. Independent software testing services offer the complete suite of testing services to ensure software performs as expected across various parameters and use conditions.

Software Testing Is Complex

Given the hundreds of variables, testing software is a very intricate and complex process. A typical process involves the use of a separate test server with specific software to test software. This is likely to be connected to a production server that simulates end-user conditions. Functional and integration testing processes are usually carried out in this type of test set up in addition to the detection of anomalies in code and performance features. Software testing may also need to be adapted to the type of development method. Some may follow the waterfall method while some may choose agile development. Code undergoes rigorous testing in these pre-production environments to test for bugs, stability and other parameters as development proceeds in the pipeline. A staging environment may be used to check production incidents. Then there is progressive testing comprised of testing in the development environment followed by unit tests and validation before putting the software through staging to fix any issues that may show up.

There are umpteen steps to software testing such as monitoring, exploration, tracing, feature flagging, exceptions, traffic, chaos testing, profiling, load testing and usability testing among others. It may require a complete sophisticated set up manned by trained software testers to implement all these tests. The better way is to opt for independent software testing services with acclaimed expertise in high-level software testing. Apart from this such services have trained manpower and test infrastructure management system to ensure it is perfect. Outsourced testing of software is always better by way of costs too since a sophisticated setup would be expensive with no assurance of the quality of test results. Invest in software testing services, not the setup.

Variety of testing

If software development is complex and can be riddled with errors of commission or omission that only testing shows up, then software testing types also vary. Typical testing types commonly employed for software testing cover:

  • Acceptance testing is usually performed by the user. When you outsource testing to independent software testing company you become the user and your user is also included in the loop. The testing company simulates a typical use environment and irons out bugs before the software gets to the actual user.
  • Agile testing is another method that may be employed on a test as you go along basis to speed up development and avoid extensive rework that would be necessary if software testing is done at the end.
  • API tests are performed specifically on APIs used in software development to ensure they conform to specifications
  • Automated testing may be employed by making use of specialized setup and software that runs a number of assigned tests, records actions and can show results. It helps in speedy development.
  • All pairs testing is another method based on black box testing to find out if the software works with all possible combination of inputs.
  • Blackbox testing is especially applicable when you outsource software testing since the test engineers are not required to know the internal structure of the software under test. Output results are matched against defined parameters.
  • Big bang integration testing tests each module that makes up the software.
  • Bottom-up integration method where tests start on smaller components and work the way up to the entire software as a unit.
  • White box testing is another method in which codes are tested for all branching conditions with branch testing method applied for testing.
  • Compatibility tests are carried out to check if the software will work on different operating systems, bandwidths, servers, emulators, configurations and processors as well as browsers.
  • Equivalence partitioning is a gray box testing method in which data is classified into equivalence classes for positive and negative conditions.
  • GUI testing is another important aspect in which the graphical user interface undergoes thorough tests.
  • White box test is a procedure to test individual statement and functions in the code.

It does take specialized knowledge and training in software testing to be able to implement the above types of software testing levels and methods. Hiring automated software testing services or an independent software testing company is a shortcut to success in delivering reliable software to your clients.

Software testing is vitally important

The more complex software is the more chances of bugs it can contain. Even software that undergoes a routine test and is certified can show unexpected errors due to the complex variables in actual use conditions. If a company consistently delivers software that has a few or lots of issues then its reputation is likely to suffer. It can forget about repeat business or positive testimonials. This also affects its chances of generating more business. Its future revenue flows are negatively affected and this can have a snowball effect. Software developers who work in the company may leave for greener pastures and new hires may not be up to the task.

Companies engaged in software development fully know the risks of deploying software without full tests. However, they may not have the resources to install in-house environment to carry out such software testing in-house. In such cases, they can always go in for automated software testing services. The outsourced software tester assigns a team to work with your developers at all stages of the project. You save time and money. Your reputation remains high since you deliver a quality product with the least bug fixes required. Your client’s business keeps running in top gear. Outsourcing software testing may entail additional costs but you can consider it as an investment since you gain from it in tangible and intangible ways, all leading to your growth in reputation and revenues.

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